Stove Flap Fire Retardant Cotton 320

Stove Flap Fire Retardant Cotton 320 - Boutique Camping
Stove Flap Fire Retardant Cotton 320 - Boutique Camping
Stove Flap Fire Retardant Cotton 320 - Boutique Camping

Stove Flap Fire Retardant Cotton 320

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Want to achieve toasty nights in your polycotton canvas or cotton tent? If you regret not choosing a tent with an integrated stove hole/flap, it's not too late to turn up the heat and install that stove you're ever so fondly warming too!

Whilst you can use a flashing kit to install your own hole, using this panel will give it a more professional finish. To attach the panel, we recommend sending to a canvas/tent repair centre along with the skin of your tent, so they can professionally sew it on securely. Alternatively, if you have the correct equipment, you will be able to do this at home.

For stove installation, you will need a Flashing Kit. Depending on the width of your stove’s chimney, the size of the hole may need to be customised to accommodate it. Small holes will need to be pierced in the fabric to secure the gasket rings to the tent.

The benefits of this mean you can plan your interior to have your stove installed exactly where you desire. It is also made from 100% cotton fire-retardant fabric, meaning the fabric area surrounding your protruding flue (chimney) is completely inflammable.


2in1 Stove Hole & Flap Piece.

100% Cotton - Fire Retardant (Sandstone colour).

All cotton & poly-cotton canvas tents desiring stove installation / additional stove / new placement of stove.

Essential Add-Ons:
Flashing kit.

To attach the flap, you must externally fasten the fabric onto the desired location point, see demonstration video here. Alternatively, we recommend sending to a third party repair centre to install. You will require a tool kit to then attach the flashing kit.