Every Boutique Camping design presents a unique set of innovative structural features created to compliment any occasion and individual camper expectation...

Although simplistic, I embody several unique traits that any classic camper is destined to appreciate; reflective guy ropes, zippable groundsheet, mesh windows & double layer door/s. 

A Classic with desirable differences. My miracle webbing strap rope-alternatives make me aesthetically striking from all angles & effectively minimises trip hazards and redirects rain-pour. 

My 360° mesh walls allow a bug-free open-plan that boasts panoramic views and provides max ventilation. I also flaunt a grand canopy which beautifully compliments my arched hem & webbing strap overhang.

Rounded, but grounded, my majestic attributes stand stall with large mesh windows that provide bug free views. Don’t be fooled by my elegant curves, my additional wall poles make me stronger than most.

My pole free, pump up structure make me stand out and provide guests with an obstruction free interior & ample headpspace. You'll love my large windows, arched overhang & sturdy webbing straps too!

Embodying a fusion of traditional values and modern capabilities, I am just as practical as I am pretty. My large porch area is great for hosting and entertaining too!

A merge of two Star Bells conjoined together with a generous central extension. My arched overhang, webbing straps, 360° mesh walls and integrated canopy rank me high in achieving camper satisfaction! 

I love hosting events, workshops & large groups. Often referred to as a canvas castle, I'd agree my view taking windows, curved elegance and canopy overhang are set to a royal standard!

2. choose the right fabric, for you...

Depending on your unique in(tent)ions and tent-spectations, the fabric you opt for will be pivotal in providing you with the personal efficiency qualities you & your adventure seek...

Whether cost, weight, breathabiltity, endurance, stove compatability or aesthetic is your main fabric-consideration, we have a material that'll thrive in any enviroment & ensure you love the skin you're camping in.


New to the camping scene? If so you may think size-consideration simply comes down to quantity of companions. However, when choosing your style there are a few further sizing & spacing elements that are pivotal in ensuring pitch-perfect happy camping.