Pitching Perfection: Setting Up Your Bell Tent on a Sandy Beach with Leia Morrison


Welcome to our latest adventure guide, brought to you by Boutique Camping and the talented analogue photographer, Leia Morrison. Known for her devotion to adventure and the sea, Leia recently embarked on a picturesque journey to a stunning beach in Wales, where she set up our 4m Bell Tent Plus amidst the sand and surf.

While our bell tents are typically designed for grassy terrains, pitching them on a sandy beach is entirely possible with a bit of extra care and the right approach. In this blog, we’ll walk you through Leia’s beach camping experience and share essential tips, dos, and don'ts to ensure your beachside setup is as smooth and secure as possible.

Setting up a bell tent on sand at the beach requires some specific considerations to ensure stability and comfort. Here are some dos and don'ts to guide you:


  1. Choose the Right Spot:

    • Flat Surface: Look for a flat, level area above the high tide line to avoid flooding.
    • Sheltered Location: Find a spot sheltered from strong winds by dunes or natural barriers.

  2. Use Appropriate Pegs:

    • Sand Pegs: Use longer, specialized sand pegs that are designed to hold better in loose sand.
    • Angle Pegs: Insert pegs at a 45-degree angle to increase their holding power.
    • Use weights or stones: Like Leia, if you do not have the pegs above, our pegs can be used, we just advise using stones, rocks, or weights to keep them down.

  3. Ground Sheet Protection:

    • Tarp Layer: Place a tarp under the groundsheet to provide extra protection and insulation from the sand.
    • Edge Anchors: Secure the edges of the groundsheet to prevent it from lifting.

  4. Reinforce Guy Lines:

    • Extra Length: Use longer guy lines to reach more stable sand deeper below the surface.
    • Sand Bags: Anchor guy lines with sandbags or bury weights to provide additional stability.

  5. Weight Distribution:

    • Internal Weights: Place heavy items (like water containers or gear) at the base inside the tent to help anchor it down.

  6. Ventilation:

    • Open Vents: Ensure vents and windows are open to allow airflow and reduce condensation.
    • Regularly check and adjust the tension of guy lines and pegs to keep your tent taut and secure.


  1. Don’t Set Up Too Close to the Water:

    • Avoid areas that may be affected by tides or waves, even if it looks dry at the moment.

  2. Don’t Skip Anchoring Steps:

    • Never assume the sand will hold as well as firmer ground; take extra time to ensure everything is securely anchored.

  3. Don’t Use Regular Pegs:

    • Standard tent pegs are ineffective in sand and can easily come loose.

  4. Don’t Ignore Weather Conditions:

    • Be aware of the weather forecast. Avoid setting up in high winds or storms, which can easily destabilize the tent.

  5. Don’t Leave Items Loose:

    • Secure all loose items inside the tent to prevent them from shifting and causing instability.

Additional Tips

  • Dig Shallow Trenches: Around the perimeter of the tent, dig shallow trenches to help divert any water away in case of unexpected rain.
  • Practice Beforehand: If possible, practice setting up your bell tent in a similar environment to understand the challenges you might face.
  • Sun Protection: Position the tent to minimize direct sun exposure during the hottest parts of the day, and consider using a sunshade or tarp for extra protection.

By following these tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable beach camping experience with your bell tent.

Introducing the Photographer, LEIA MORRISON. 

Leia Morrison is a predominantly analogue photographer with a focus on the female experience. Leia's work delves into themes of friendship, love, self-empowerment, and softness, all viewed through a feminine lens. Inspired by the vastness and amorphous nature of the sea, her projects such as "Swim" and "The Lifeguards" highlight an ability to use visual voice to document personalities - professional models and the general public - with authenticity and spirit.

Website: https://www.leiamorrison.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leiamiamorrison/

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