Boutique Camping’s Guide To Glastonbury

It’s almost time for the biggest festival of the year – Glastonbury! Check out our tips on how to get through the festival:

Don’t wear sandals

Unless you’re around your tent or campsite. Make sure you take a pair of wellies with you; even if it’s sunny they are a safer option because you’ll be on your feet a lot!

Go portable

If you don’t want your phone to die, take a portable charger with you so you can have full battery on the go. If you’re a social media freak then this is a must. But be sure to still make the most of your experience without living on your phone the whole time! 

Don’t be late!

Ideally, you should get there a bit early so you can find a spot to set camp, and don’t forget to set up your tent as soon as you get there. With that out of the way, you can focus on the main reason why you’re there. There’s plenty to do and a lot to take in!

It’s not a fashion show

Be sensible with what you take. You don’t want to be carrying too many things and we would recommend to go as comfortable as possible, so if you were looking to rock those 6 inch heels that you’ve been dying to wear – ditch them. Comfortable doesn’t necessarily have to look boring though! 

Don’t be anti-social

Make the most of your time there and be sociable. Talk to others around you, they won’t bite and you’re all there for the same reason – to have fun!

If it’s hot, still take a jumper

No matter how warm it is during the day (if you’re lucky), it will get cold at night. So make sure you take a jumper with you to sleep in inside your tent – you’ll thank us later!

Don’t pack ridiculous meals

There’s a huge variety of food at Glastonbury so you definitely won’t be going hungry. If you feel like you want to take a few snacks along with you, then don’t go overboard.

Belongings and valuables

Of course, make sure you take everything you need such as ID, cash/credit cards, sun cream, toiletries, sleeping bag etc. Spread out your valuables including inside your tent, to make it difficult for anyone to steal anything. Be prepared to snuggle with your valuables whilst you sleep too.

Don’t over-plan

You might be going to see particular bands – fair enough. But if you over-plan your time at Glastonbury it probably won’t go to plan anyway, so just enjoy yourself. Some of your most memorable moments will probably be unplanned anyway.

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