Boutique Camping bell tents can cost anything from £250 up to over £1000. That is a big investment! And with that kind of investment, you would be wise to do your best and protect your asset. Well, we have come up with a solution here at Boutique Camping. We know that your bell tent is your pride and joy, so we have developed our amazing bell tent protector covers.

Boutique Camping protector covers are amazing!

Made from Polyester, they are the perfect add-on for your bell tent. As you may know, canvas tents can require more maintenance than ones of man-made fabric. So, you’d need to ensure that the canvas in your tent is completely bone dry before packing away. This is currently the safest way to avoid any mildew developing onto your beloved canvas.

Now, with the protector cover, you can simply set it up on a rainy day, and the tent will stay completely dry! No more waiting around, or leaving the canvas out to dry before packing away, saving you time and putting less strain on the canvas.

The cover is also extremely versatile as it can be used as a sturdy stand-alone shelter (with the addition of poles). They will be perfect on hotter days as a shaded area to sit under, or as a sheltered outdoor space to keep your shoes and other items from the rain.  It’s simple and quick to erect, and it will be effective in providing you shelter in both sun and rain.

The cover is the perfect protection for your bell tent against tree sap, bird poop and anything else that might, mark, bleach or stain your bell tent. It’s ideal, especially when using your bell tent for longterm use.

If you are a glamping site, you should definitely invest in having these covers on your bell tents. They will prolong the lifespan of your tents, and you will save money in the long run.

As glamping sites tent to keep their tents up through most of the season, the covers will look after the canvas in all weathers.

The cover is made from polyester

The cover is completely waterproof and PU coated and they fit our bell tents perfectly. Additionally, the bell tent protector will also prolong the durability of your tent protecting the canvas from UV, wind and rain.

Vents at the top ensure moisture trapped between the bell tent and protector can escape. You will still need to re-waterproof your bell tent as part of the tent aftercare, however, it will be required less frequently.

Set up the cover before or after the bell tent is erected by securing the cover with the high-quality guy ropes that are included in the pack.

Don’t’ worry, you do not need any extra pegs for the cover, as you can simply peg it down through the loops and pegs of the erected bell tent. You can also attach the cover to the top of the A-frame.

The cover is such an all-rounder that it also creates extra shade in the tent. No more bright early mornings, with the cover you may be able to get a lay-in, as it acts as an extra layer creating shade in the tent.

The cover also provides extra insulation for the tent. Our breathable bell tents are natural insulators, retaining heat in colder weather, but with the cover, it will add another layer of insulation and it slows the transfer of heat in and out of the tent.

These covers come in a variety of colours, the classic sandstone, Aztec and Purple Rain. However, we will see the arrival of fun new colours and watch this space as we will be bringing you, the much-awaited covers for the 6m, 7m and even 8m!

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