Boutique Camping’s Support Of The “A Deed A Day” Project

“We might be homeless, but we ain’t hopeless”

The passion project “A Deed a Day” is aiming to tackle the problem and spread awareness, of homelessness. Lucien Laviscount, Ana Tanaka, Rio Fredrika, and Zac Lichman have spearheaded ” A Deed a Day”.

Despite toughing out the harsh reality of living on the street during winter, there is a still a glimmer of hope and cheer amongst the homeless community. Homelessness, however, is at an epidemic in the UK and with rates rising, something must be done.

Lucien & Zac, owners of The Shop NW10 transformed their venue into a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve and hosted a full Christmas Dinner to those in need on Christmas day. Meanwhile, through a GoFundMe page, Rio & Ana have managed to raise over £5000 for the cause.

On the 23rd of December, the group spent the night on the streets of London where they realised the numerous challenges homeless people face each day. Ranging from coping with freezing weather to tiredness, hunger, and feeling invisible.

During the experience, the group handed out care packages. These packages included hats, scarves, gloves, flasks, food, alongside 50 brand new sleeping bags, emergency blankets, and waterproof rollout mats. This was kindly donated by Boutique Camping. 60 puff jackets were also provided by Missy Empire.

These care packages will help those on the streets manage with the freezing winter weather, soaking wet floors, and a lack of shelter.

Roughly 20 full care packages were given away alongside a £20 cash gift to anybody in need and sorting out transportation for Christmas Dinner at The Shop. After their night on the streets, they got some rest and went back to work the next day at The Shop to open the soup kitchen for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day 2018

A full christmas dinner was provided to those they had met. for this festive day, they were out of the cold and felt included back in society. their gratefulness was felt through their cheer. it’s a feeling most take for granted, but compassion, in any shape or form, can really help somebody feel valued.

However, this compassion is not just for Christmas. It’s a long commitment to a better world. They may not be able to solve the problem altogether but they can change the world massively for one person at a time.

One of these people being Ludvigs, a skilled carpenter who has fallen on tough times and found himself on the streets. The group has worked to get him a new passport, drivers licence, CSCS card and are working on getting him a new tool kit.

All of the things he’ll need to get off the streets and back into work feeling like a valuable member of society again. With funds being put towards housing, Ludvigs will find himself with a roof above his head and everything he needs to get back on his feet.

Alongside Ludvigs, the “A Deed a Day” movement has managed to put 4 people in hostels and help many more through their lifesaving care packages.

The project is committed to getting more people like Ludvigs back on their feet and off the streets by giving them the tools they need to get life going again. Whilst making a life for those on the streets as bearable as they can.


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