Summer is here, and it's time for families to break free from the confines of classrooms and embrace the wonders of the great outdoors! In this camping-concentrated blog, we invite families (with children of all ages) to embark on exciting camping adventures throughout the summer holidays! 

Join us as we explore the magic of family camping festivals happening this summer, discover recommended self-pitch campsites that offer unforgettable experiences, and uncover the reasons why we believe every family should own a bell tent. From endless fun and leisure to potential earnings, the possibilities are as vast as the starry night sky. So, pack your bags, dust off those sleeping bags, and get ready for a summer filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Let's make this summer the one to remember with the perfect blend of adventure, nature, and togetherness - because when school's out, camping's in!



While owning a tent may not always be a necessity, it is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and versatile pieces of equipment a family can possess! While indulging in the luxury of booking a glamping bell tent for a night or two offers unparalleled convenience, the costs can add up significantly. In fact, after just three nights in a pre-pitched, fully-furnished 5m bell tent, you could have easily invested in your own, ensuring countless future adventures, savings, and even earnings!

When it comes to vacation options, your tent opens up a world of wanderlust and freedom that temporary staycations or hotels abroad can't match. Say goodbye to browsing the web for cheap flights, enduring lengthy travel times, and saving tirelessly for costly trips. With a tent, spontaneity becomes your ally, encouraging you and your little ones to venture outdoors and explore more often, stress-free.

Unlike flimsy, budget tents, our high-quality tents are an investment that, when well-maintained, can last a lifetime and even be passed down to the kids as they grow older. So, instead of being tied down by travel logistics and expenses, let your tent be the gateway to a lifetime of unforgettable adventures, right at your fingertips.

The versatility of owning a tent became even more apparent during the COVID lockdowns. Families discovered the joy of creativity as tent owners, finding numerous ways to make the most of their outdoor sanctuaries. From setting up tents in back gardens for delightful movie nights under the stars to transforming them into extended offices or playrooms, people realised that a simple tent could offer memorable, affordable, and effortless adventures for both kids and adults alike. It became a symbol of freedom and escape during challenging times, reminding us all of the beauty and simplicity of the great outdoors right at our doorstep.

Typically, families that own tents may find their beloved gear spending more time gathering dust in the attic than being pitched and enjoyed to its fullest. However, we're here to reveal a hidden opportunity – by leaving your tent unused, you might be missing out on a chance for a lucrative side income!

Who wouldn't love extra funds to splurge on exciting activities during the summer holidays? Thanks to platforms like Tent Share and Fat Llama, tent owners can list their equipment for rent, allowing eager campers to enjoy the camping experience for a nightly fee of up to £100 or more. So, why not turn your idle tent into a profitable asset while spreading the joy of camping to others?

Another rising trend among tent owners is the creation of small businesses built around their equipment, becoming a lucrative source of income. By using their tents as the central attraction and enhancing them with themed decorations and furnishings tailored to customers' needs, they cater to parties, sleepovers, baby showers, and various other events. If you have spare time outside of your parental and work responsibilities, this presents an excellent opportunity to boost your income without overwhelming commitments. Such bookings can be charged around the £200 range, making it a rewarding and flexible venture for enterprising individuals. 



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We're thrilled to witness the growing popularity of campsites and glamping grounds featuring Boutique Camping tent designs. The allure of these unique and stylish tents has captivated camping enthusiasts everywhere. What's even better is that many of these sites now offer dedicated fields for self-pitching tent owners, providing a fantastic opportunity for budget-conscious travelers. Starting from just £5 a night, these fields often come equipped with essential amenities like electric hook-ups and water access. Moreover, you can opt for convenient add-ons like logs, BBQs, and more to enhance your camping experience. So, whether you're seeking comfort, style, or affordability, these camping grounds have it all!


Meet Sommer & Davidson, loving parents of 4; big sister Violet (8) and triplet boys; Rocco, Otis & Prince (2). For large families it can be a challenge finding budget-friendly activities that the whole crew can enjoy and get stuck into, not to mention ensuring the space is baby-safe enough for mum and dad to somewhat relax.. That’s why this year the Prestons opted to kickstart their summer escapades with a trip to Aldenham Country Park, taking their larger-than-life Luna Emperor Tent to accommodate their under-star moments.

For as little as £9.95 you can take your tent to Aldenham’s spacious field and pitch up for as many nights as you & your camping crew intend on not returning to reality for.


- Price: from £150 for 3 nights.
- Highlights: Award-winning family-friendly park 10 minutes' drive from Newquay. Covering 56 acres including a pool, play zones, clubhouse and fish and chip takeaway.

- Price: from £40 per 2 nights.
- Highlights: A 15-minute drive from Newquay’s Watergate Bay and Fistral beach. Site has pools, a pub, a café, activities, playground and gym.

- Price: from £33 per night.
- Highlights: Surrounded by lakes, on the edge of the New Forest. Activities including high ropes, climbing and abseiling, play area, table tennis, kids' bouldering walls and café.

- Price: from £20 per night.
- Highlights: pets allowed, showers & toilets, welcome hampers, logs, and BBQ hire available.




Embrace the Summer: Family-Friendly Festivals to Create Lasting Memories!

With a delightful six-week window ahead, what better way to relish the summer than by immersing yourself and your kids in a family-friendly festival? August offers a vibrant array of festivals catering to all family members, ranging from adult activities like yoga, classes, and dance to engaging crafts, games, and workshops for the little ones.

These festivals have something special for everyone, and if you're looking for an immersive experience, camping tickets are available for the full duration of the event. The best part? Bringing your own tent won't cost you extra, unlike the pricey 'boutique camping' options. Festivals provide a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore, make new friends, and break free from screens, enjoying good old-fashioned fun in the great outdoors.

While you might worry about managing a festival with children, you'd be pleasantly surprised at how helpful they can be when you work as a team and delegate tasks. From pitching the tent to decorating it, let your little ones' confidence blossom at these lively events!



1. Order & test out your kit.
Luckily we ship same day (before 2.30pm GMT), so even if your camping trip is a last minute decision, we got you covered (literally!).

We have a tent fit for EVERY & ANY purpose, and they range from 3m-8m so no matter the size of your family, we have a tent to accommodate to all your glamping goals and desires.

There are three main areas to consider when purchasing a tent; designfabric and size... we've made it easy for you here at our tent guide.

If you have access to a garden or open space, and if you're a bit of a inexperienced camper, it can put you step ahead to test out your kit by doing a trial pitch and getting familiar with the steps so when it comes the real deal, you'll be a pro, who can delegate the best fitting jobs to the kids.

2. Book your site & research the local area.
Use sites such as Hipcamp or Pitchup to browse and book camping sites in the location you're interested in exploring. Before committing to that site, there are a few elements to consider or look further into. One of these is if the site has any restrictions such as pitching space, electrical hook up, or what the cooking facilities offer, i.e can you hire a BBQ or fire pit?

3. Download our family camping checklist
An essential factor for a successful camping adventure with kids is a well-thought-out plan. Our meticulous checklists concentrate on the packing process, encompassing all the necessary camping gear, equipment, toiletries, clothing, and more - all of which will contribute to a easy-peasy no fuss, all thrills camping trip!
We also have a camping checklist dedicated to every type of adventure too!



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