The main intention of camping is to get outdoors and explore the magic that lays beyond our four walls, but when sun strikes or the heavens open we often find ourselves spending more times cramped in the comfort of our tent than we do immersed in the great outdoors.

Larger tents, especially those with high walls like the Nova Air Dome or Luna Bell Tent are great for hanging out in, but no matter the size that may lay beneath the tent walls why would you not want to extend the fun and thrills by attaching a  canopy or awning on to the exterior?

  1. Shelter from the elements: A canopy or awning offers protection from the sun, rain, wind, and other weather elements. It allows you to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air while providing shade during hot sunny days or keeping you dry during unexpected rain showers.

  2. Expanded living space: By setting up a canopy or awning, you create an extra outdoor living area. This space can be used for various activities such as cooking, dining, playing games, or simply lounging and enjoying the surrounding nature. It gives you more room to move around and makes the camping experience feel less cramped.

  3. Comfort and relaxation: With a bell tent canopy or awning, you can set up chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. It becomes a great place to unwind, read a book, socialise with fellow campers, or simply appreciate the natural surroundings.

  4. Protection for gear and equipment: An extended shelter provides an additional area to store camping gear, bicycles, coolers, or any other equipment you may have brought along. This helps keep your belongings organised, easily accessible, and protected from the elements.

  5. Versatility: Canopies and awnings are not just for bell tent extensions, as they come in various shapes and sizes that allow you to choose one that best suits your needs. They can be attached to your tent or set up separately as a stand alone shelter, giving you flexibility in configuration and adaptability to different camping environments.

stand alone awning


Now you're aware of the endless perks a canopy or awning will bring to your next camping adventure, let us guide you through our options so you can find the right one for you, your tent, and your glamping in-tent-ions...

tent canopies and awnings

1. Triangle Tarp - from £75.00

triangle tarp

2. Curved Canopy - from £129.00

curved canopy

3. Bell Tent Canopy Awning - from £149.00

4. Multi Purpose Canopy - from £189.00

multi purpose canopy


What fabric are canopy & awning attachments made of?

They are made from polycotton canvas, 285gsm. This breathable fabric has been treated with a water, UV and rot repelling agent.

Will I require extra pegs or ropes?

No, all designs come with enough pegs to pitch, and ropes already attached to eyelets within the fabric. If you wish to pitch Bell Tent Canopy as a stand alone, one extra rope will be required. Spares can be purchased here.

Do they come in bags?

Yes, all Boutique Camping canopies and awnings come neatly folder in polycotton bags.

How do I clean & maintain my canopy or awning?

We suggest tacling any dirt, bird droppings, debris and mud as soon as it has dried. You can use our Nikwax products to clean marks off with a soft sponge or brush. Over time the fabric may loose its water repellency, this is a sign it may need reproofing. Find out more about cleaning and reproofing here.

Are canopies and awnings universal?

Yes, most of our styles can be used as stand alone shelters or attached to our tents.

Will a Boutique Camping canopy or awning fit on my tent from another brand?

Generally, canopies or awnings attach to the tent's a frame spike (found on the external central point), so as long as your tent features this, it should be able to fit and then secured down by the rain cap. We would suggest finding out measurements of the tent and comparing your desired canopy before purchasing. We cannot accept returns once an item has been removed from packagaing.

Are canopies and awnings heavy?

Generally, the small the canopy or awning, the lighter. Weight will also depend on how many poles come with the item. You can find the weight of each style within the product's page description.

Can I use a stove or fire pit near or under my awning or canopy?

Our canopies and awnings are made from polycotton fabric, which is breathable but not fire retardant, so we would recommend any stoves, fire pits or BBQ's are not directly under or near to the covers. Alternatively, you can treat the fabric with a fire retarding agent.

Shall I keep my awning or canopy erected in high winds?

 If winds exceed 40mph we would recommend temporarily taking down the canopy or awning. Otherwise position it so it's not facing the wind and instead blocking it.



  • sue

    hi can you attach the canopy to VW AWNING RAIL ?

  • Bec

    Like Stephanie, I was intrigued to know if you had any recommendations for the Nova Air Dome. It was mentioned at the start of the article – but I haven’t seen a suitable suggestion.

  • stephanie

    What canopy would you suggest for a Nova Tent, and can it be attached?

  • Hannah

    Hey Matthew.

    Yes, however, you must opt for 2m or 3m size as the 1m will only cover the canopy already integrated.

    To attach, simply pop onto the a-frame spike, secure it in place with the screw-on rain cap, and peg out.

    To avoid overcrowding your tent/canopy-combo entrance with additional ropes, you can use the left and right tent canopy peg points to hook the canopy ropes too!

  • Matthew Rayner

    How does this work with a star bell tent that already has a built in 1m canopy? What do you do with the tent canopy got ropes?

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